Vegetarian eating for lazy people

For the past few months, I’ve cut out nearly all meat (fish included) from my diet.  Since my man is vegetarian, it’s easier this way and honestly, I feel that it’s healthier for me.  I’m allowing myself ‘meat vacations’ but only when it’s really really good quality stuff.  So that way, if I ever end up with a slab of medium rare Kobe beef in front of me, I don’t have to cry salty tears.  

Here’s the deal though: finding non-crazy hippie guides to being vegetarian is difficult.  I’ve been searching for a veggie Bon Appetit style magazine but it simply doesn’t exist.  Most of the veggie lit out there is aggressive, preachy, and is directed at people who are already vegetarians.  Where’s the bridge?  I can’t find it.  

In the meantime, the internet has been my friend with websites like this:

Twenty for Twenty Vegetarian Edition

This particular site gives you 20 staple ingredients for vegetarian cooking and with those, you should be able to make all the recipes they list later. The man quickly pointed out that this list is leaning heavily towards the Mediterranean diet but since that’s my favorite style of eating, I didn’t mind.

Do any of you have good vegetarian resources? I’m already familiar with the PPK and vegan cupcakes. Also, I’m not going vegan…just vegetarian! 🙂


~ by fluvial on May 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “Vegetarian eating for lazy people”

  1. Ooooo Im so very with you on the non-crazy hippie route. Thats a tough one. I was and am very much in the same boat as you so I started to explore veg options in Seattle and in the outskirts. I also started researching sources (farms etc) and that connected me with a whole new community of veg food, restaurants and/or well sourced ingredients/producers. Anyway, my site is should look at may help you out a little. Theres restaurants on there and whatnot as well. Oh…and I like your blog- lovely.

  2. Good morning Cherie-

    Thanks for commenting and supplying your link! I’ve been terrible about updating lately but it’s good to know that people are still reading this thing. 🙂 You’re in Seattle too?

    PS: I love your url name!

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