Now hear this…

Warning:  I’m angry.  This post will be (mostly) an angry rant but, true to Fluvial form, I’ll do my best to convey emotion without stooping to low levels and will attempt to end on a positive note.

Let me tell you a story…all of which is true….

Today, I happened to sit next to two elderly people at lunch.  I began to dig into my caprese melt and was trying to get NetFlix to load on my phone (to enjoy some lunch time Gossip Girl, of course) and while I fought with the connection, I was startled to hear the following (doing my best to paraphrase):

‘It’s ridiculous that we have to take this course every two years just to be a troop leader.  It’s all those liars.  Because of them, we have to get retrained.  Such a waste.  You know, I’ve been with the Boy Scouts for a long time and I’ve NEVER seen or heard of anyone abusing children.  These kids are too young to know what sex is so how do they know about pedophilia?!  They just want attention.”

Not.  Joking.  As I felt my outrage and anger build, I wasn’t given a time to recover because then came this:

“Can you believe that Medicare is requiring us to report if we got a flu shot and where?  It’s conspiracy.”

A few seconds later, there was this:

“Now, I’ve seen a few good lady-pilots but I don’t know about on the ground combat.  What are you going to do?  That’s Women’s Lib for ya.”

As he spoke, his (female) companion listened half interested and didn’t say anything and, in total, this ‘conversation’ lasted less than 5 minutes.   Actually, it probably went on longer but I was so disgusted and didn’t want to lose my job for yelling at people so I got up and moved to a table across the room.

Now hear this sir:  Your anger and hatred does not mask your intense fear of a changing world.  I’m on to you.  But, if I may, point out a flaw in your logic regarding pedophilia:  You may never have seen it but, hey, I’ve never seen a panda and I know they exist.  Also, you work in a place that’s supposed to HEAL people.  I sincerely hope you’re on duty when a  5 year old male rape survivor is brought in.  It could bring some perspective to your life.

The other stuff…sigh.    You may have been too old to appreciate this song the first time it came around but I’d like to play it again for you just in case:

I am sorry that you’re angry.  I feel empathy for you.  But your hate has no place in this world anymore.  It is my hope that your heart will soften or, at the very least, you’ll learn some manners and not subject non-consenting people to your rants.




~ by fluvial on December 5, 2012.

2 Responses to “Now hear this…”

  1. This is why I have back up headphones for my back up headphones in my bag. Yes that’s three sets.

    • Awesome! I also had my headphones but it was a moment of ‘No, he didn’t just say that, did he? OMG he said what?!’ I was in too much shock to do anything.

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