Bloomin’ Love

I’d like to interrupt the politically charged themes of late in order to talk about something slightly more squishy (although still political): Love.

I had a particularly schmoozie weekend with Mr. Fluvial which got me thinking about traditional anniversary gifts by year. You know…1st year paper, 2nd year…umm. See, this is why God invented Wikipedia. All hail the power of the internets!

As I looked over what they had listed as traditional gifts, I noticed that there were three columns per year: Traditional US, Traditional UK, and ‘Modern’. The Traditional lists had things like paper, cotton, tin, lace, etc. which I find endearing and the building blocks of a really creative gift (ie: for our first wedding anniversary, I’m not going to give Mr. Fluvial a ream of printer paper (although that would be super practical) but instead, I could riff off the paper theme and make a mobile for paper cranes for our meditation room). However, the ‘Modern’ list was full of really boring things like clocks (Year 1), fashion jewelry (Year 11), and, my personal favorite: groceries for Year 44. I can hear it now: “Mrs. Fluvial..thanks for 44 great years together. Let’s to go Fred Meyer and get us some artichokes. And maybe some oatmeal.


All of this seemed very silly so I was delighted to find a list that I could get behind: flowers by anniversary year. Behold:

Year Flower
1st Carnation
2nd Lily of the valley
3rd Sunflower
4th Hydrangea
5th Daisy
6th Calla
7th Freesia
8th Lilac
9th Bird of paradise
10th Daffodil
11th Tulip
12th Peony
13th Chrysanthemum
14th Dahlia
15th Rose
20th Aster
25th Iris
28th Orchid
30th Lily
40th Gladiolus
50th Yellow rose, violet

I would love to come home to a beautiful bouquet of flowers representing the years we’ve been together. It seems a lot better than…..groceries.


~ by fluvial on January 9, 2012.

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