What Thrice Married Looks Like…

Well, wedding insanity has finally subsided and we are entering in to my favorite time of the year…fall!  People may think I’m nuts but I love fall.  It’s a time of reflection, root vegetables, soul nuturing, and candle light.  It feels like a new year and I love it.

But I can’t talk about the comings and goings of the Fluvials without first posting some pictures from our Romanian wedding adventure.  Check this out…..

The whole Romanian wedding experience should have been filmed for a reality show or made in to a movie.  The things that happened could not have been scripted and while many many things went ‘wrong’, the pangs of anxiety and waves of nausea (thanks parasite!) have faded and my memories of the experience reside in the gorgeous pictures and hazy memories of the two weeks.   Mr. Fluvial and I joked that if we could survive our wedding, we could survive anything. 🙂

So now we are in the ‘surviving everything’ phase.  Honestly, I feel like I’m merely surviving in the school and sometimes work arenas.  This feeling is not very fun.

On the grad-school front, I’m really struggling with the time management issue.   I applied to school under very different conditions and those conditions are no longer in place (ie: my job taked 120% of my brain power) and I’m having a hard time fitting everything in.  New marriage, client work, firm work, school, personal time.  It’s hard to make it all work.

The job:  Mr. Fluvial and I were joking that I should apply to his firm and then it quickly turned non-joke and three interviews later, I was working for the same firm.  We are both consultants but he focuses more on technology and I’m in healthcare.  My first assignment is to own the intergration of a new standardized healthcare data management system with an existing EMR.  It’s mind blowing and humbling every day.  Little fish: giant pond.  The work is fulfilling but in that arena, I’m suffering from a bit of Imposter Syndrome.

This weekend, Mr. Fluvial and I are planning some much needed fun:  An electronic music concert in a cathedral on Friday night and a friend’s wedding on Saturday.

Fluvial Cat is cute and furry and keeps me sane.  I should be eating better.  I’d like to get more exercise than I currently do.  I’d like to get back into the whole dating life-coach thing.  So many things I’d like to do.  But where can I find the time?

~ by fluvial on November 10, 2011.

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