Grey Seattle Summer

Grey.  Wet.  Cold.  Tease.

These are the words I would use to describe the Seattle summer this year and through it all, it’s been a bit challenging to stay in the light. (so to speak)

It should be said that I don’t really mind the grey too terribly much (if I did, I’d have moved from here long long ago) and it could be argued that the weather helps us deal with the slog of sad that we sometimes push away.  I’ve always been an admittedly moody person but I don’t mind too much because I FEEL.  I feel things really strongly.  Sometimes the feelings are overwhelming and I need to fight to be neutral.  For me, being neutral is a victory because it’s the absence of intensity and that, Fluvial Fans, is a good thing sometimes.  My poor body can’t take it sometimes!

I’ve been rather neutral over the past week or so.  There’s been some emotional things going down and I cried hard off and on for about4 hours.  After that, I resigned myself to the fight towards neutrality.  The way I kept in touch with what I was feeling, without sorting through my own feelings, was by listening to moody moody music.  Namely Death Cab.  This particular song totally hits me.  Not necessarily because of the lyrics but because of the musical tension between notes and the sincerity of his voice.  Sometimes Ben Gibbard is the only person who REALLY UNDERSTANDS!!! (says the girl in the moody emo tone)  (also, Ben is from WA…grey skies = useful!)

So, enjoy the music.  Fire up the heat.  Put on a fire.  It is July after all.  😉

(note:  I could only find a live version on YouTube.  All the official videos are blocked in the US for some reason)


~ by fluvial on July 20, 2011.

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