Summer Reading List 2011!! (via technicolorlilypond)

Here is a lovely post with a great summer reading list. (although I don’t agree with the crush on Mr. Darcy) 🙂

Mostly reposting for my own reference but hopefully you’ll get some inspiration too!

Summer Reading List 2011!! For some the yard stick for a successful summer vacation is the tan you get, the romance you had, the photos you took, or just the number of adventures you had. For me summer is always judged by how many books I managed to read. Summer is a time of reading, preferably in the shade of a tree on a beach or a dock.  Through books I have had countless adventures, friends, and dare I say it? Even crushes. Who could read about Mr. Darcy or Edward Roche … Read More

via technicolorlilypond

~ by fluvial on June 1, 2011.

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