2 days in…

So, we’re two days in to married life and I have to say that yes, I do feel different.  It’s a quiet confidence.   My house is still full of Hungarian in-laws and boxes upon boxes upon boxes and my sweetie and I haven’t had a moment of solo married time yet but we both admitted that it feels different.  It’s an amazing feeling to wake up the morning after your wedding and say ‘Wow, you’re my HUSBAND’.  Yes, we did have a legal wedding in September and I thought I felt married but I feel different now in ways I didn’t expect.  I feel more free.  That might sound weird but I feel like he and I have publicly acknowledged our soul knit life together and now we’re just free to be US.

Highlights of the day for me:  1. the flowers.  Wow, I LOVED my bouquet (hated the ribbon but loved the flowers).  It was a last minute wedding decision (did the whole order on Tuesday) but it was the best money we spent on the whole thing (I think).  2.  The toasts!  We had some amazing and heartfelt toasts and it’s hard to choose a favorite.  Once I get explicit permission to post them, I’ll put them on YouTube and put links up here because they really were wonderful.  3. Of course, my walk down the aisle and seeing Mr. Fluvial’s face.  4.  The after party.  Around midnight, we all gathered in a suite and drank champagne and told dirty jokes.  My MOH proved once and for all that she really is a rockstar:  she iced her ankle with a bottle of Moet.  Only rockstars do that, you know.

Here are some more pictures for you:

Mr. Fluvial's mom & my mom enjoying a spritzer while we all got beautified.

Me and my dad posing post-beautification. Yes, that is a glitter 'Bride' tank top I'm wearing.

Walking down the aisle to 'Eidelweiss'. Everyone cried. 🙂

Freshly minted married!

Weddings make a girl hungry. Nom nom nom

Victory pump w/ Elisa. It was so wonderful see friends from long ago!


Proof of MOH rockstar-ness.

~ by fluvial on May 30, 2011.

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