The quest for the quiet mind…

I found this article interesting and post worthy.  It explores the ‘Anxiety Gender Gap’ which is a topic close to not only my heart, but that of so many women around me. 

Read this article.  Let it marinate.  And then go enjoy a cup of tea in the sunshine.  I’ve found that the simplest way to a quiet mind is alone time spent doing something simple and satisfying.

Anxiety Gender Gap: Are women really more anxious than men?

And if you need a soundtrack for your tea, listen to this:



~ by fluvial on April 21, 2011.

3 Responses to “The quest for the quiet mind…”

  1. I am already marinated; well done so to speak… and yet I am more anxious than most women… problem is, I am a man! What to do…


  2. Ack! I’m so sorry that you are anxious! Have you found ways to cope until you can process the cause?

  3. I was just pulling your leg there for a moment. I know the cause! Its called intellectual, discriminative and dualistic Mind Activity. That’s the only activity that generates anything really, including all the artificial and strictly mentally perceived differences between one person or another. Men are from Mars? Women from Venus? What’s the real difference between men and women? Well in terms of genetic building blocks, it’s about 0.5%. And that’s mostly chemicals, such as hormones. That basically means, any other differences which seemingly exist between men and women, must be artificial in Nature and are based strictly on intellectual concepts and ideas…

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