The grassroots are always greener…

Found this on and thought it was post worthy.  A conversation about activism with Wendell Berry?  Yes please.

If you need more Berry in your life, I recommend The Unsettling of America: Culture & Agriculture.  From Amazon:

“The mid-20th-century environmental crisis that led to important protective legislation in the 1970s, is, to poet/farmer Wendell Berry’s mind, also a crisis of character, agriculture, and culture. Because Americans are divorced from the land, they mistreat it; because they are divorced from each other, they mistreat those around them. Berry, writing in a prophetic mode, argues that if Americans are to heal the environmental wounds their land has suffered, they will also need to create more meaningful work, sustain happier and healthier lives, and return to what conservatives call “family values.” The Unsettling of America is a quarter century old now, but most of its arguments remain current.”

I appreciate thoughtful writing about sticky subjects and Berry does just that.  Thoughtful.  Inclusive.  With enough bite to keep you from getting too comfortable.  Love him.


~ by fluvial on April 13, 2011.

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