My love affair with Russians…

Fluvial note:  What is it with me and Russians lately?!  Seriously, I didn’t  plan it this way but there you have it.  Carry on….

Things are getting a little too heavy around here so I thought I’d share a secret with you:  

Ooo I love me some Russians.  Specifically Russians that write/wrote music.  Classical music.  (although Russian pop is REALLY great as a cleaning-the-house soundtrack)  But tonight, it’s all about classical.  I get to see this tonight!:

Mr. Fluvial and I are big classical nerds so a few months ago, we decided to stop kidding around and buy season tickets to the Seattle Symphony.  Wow: house, marriage, symphony season tickets.  When did we get old?

All I need to do now is yell at some kid to get off my lawn.  Oh wait, I did that last week (seriously, I know that jumping off OUR garage into OUR yard is endlessly entertaining but you’re going to kill my plants.  Get off my lawn.  Really.)


~ by fluvial on April 8, 2011.

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