The Age of Oops

Derrick Jensen is one of my all time favorite authors and his book ‘A Language Older than Words’ truly changed my life. (really) So I always look for his writings here and there and I came across something he wrote for this month’s issue of Orion that is powerful but in a subtle way. Here’s the opening paragraph:

FOR AT LEAST FIFTEEN YEARS, I’ve been publicly arguing that this culture is functionally, inherently, systematically unjust and unsustainable, and that while legislative approaches can slightly mitigate some of the injustices or unsustainability, these approaches will never be anywhere near sufficient. Well, I was wrong. I recently undertook a thought experiment in which I challenged myself to imagine a piece of legislation that would solve the injustices and unsustainability of this culture.

The Age of Oops

What say you about the topic?


~ by fluvial on April 6, 2011.

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