The Little Red Blood Cell That Could

When I met Mr. Fluvial, I told my family that he was vegetarian and that I was dabbling in it too. The first thing out of their mouth’s was ‘But your protein! How will you get your protein?!’ or ‘Iron! As women, we need more iron!’

What I always said was ‘If Mr. Fluvial can do a triatholon as a vegetarian, then it must be possible for me to get all that I need too, even if I am a girl.’

Now, to be fair, being a vegetarian does require a little more creativity otherwise you’ll just be eating bread and pasta and cheese for the rest of your life. But, on the other hand, you’ll end up eating better by default simply because you’re actually paying attention to everything you’re putting into your body. (We’ll just ignore the bag of Cheetos I had last week)

So, with all that said, after a year of being (mostly) veggie, I’m finally having my first negative vegetarian health impact: low iron levels. Granted, I’m self diagnosing but let’s see, I’m tired, feel kinda dizzy, slightly glum, and got winded going up 1 flight of stairs. I’ve been feeling like this lately:

Yup! I’d say I’m lacking some super charged red blood cells! I see this as a positive though because I’ve gotten a bit lazy with the whole food thing so this provides me with the opportunity to refocus.

Today’s search is for vegetarian iron rich foods. I came up with:

Swiss chard
Lima Beans

Basically, I’m on the Popeye Diet right now.

Anything green, leafy, and good for you! I’m attempting to get my iron levels up through food rather than iron suppliments because those scare me a bit. Anyone have any advice?


~ by fluvial on December 13, 2010.

One Response to “The Little Red Blood Cell That Could”

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