The Proposal

M proposed on Sunday and completely caught me by surprise.  I knew a proposal was coming but he ‘wanted to manage expectations’ and told me that he did not have the ring yet and that it wasn’t going to be ready for at least 4 more days, blah blah so I shouldn’t expect a proposal for at least a week.

So we went up to Poulsbo where I’m setting up my last wedding for my previous employer.  The place is gorgeous.  All the nature and the water really made it feel like a ‘good’ place.  So we were walking along the boardwalk and happened to find a beautiful little park with shady trees and a little tiny beach.  He asked me to get in the water so he could take a self timer picture of us which didn’t seem weird because that’s what we’d been doing all day.  So I complied, took off my shoes, got in the water and let him frame the shot.

He clicked the camera button and started the 10 second count down.  But instead of coming to my side, he ran over, got on his knee, and pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him.  And ‘CLICK’!  The camera caught the exact moment it happened. 🙂


~ by fluvial on July 28, 2010.

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