I am woman. Hear me CAN!

Muktambar has left for Vienna on his bi-annual family visit and for some reason, in his absence, I’ve become the ultimate housewife.  I’ve done a lot of canning, baking, and cleaning in the past two days; but more on that later.

Things have been weird for me over the past few months.  I definitely feel like I’m in the crucial and necessary ‘void’ state between transitions.  I’ve left two jobs in the past four months for various reasons and am trying to do grounding things in an effort to invite career/life inspiration to sit down and stay a while.  To that end, I started thinking about lost domestic arts like canning, sewing, gardening, etc.  In these busy times, I feel like there’s a need to preserve (pun intended) these disappearing arts.  So, to do my part, I went to Target, bought a canner, and got to work canning the pounds of nectarines and cherries bought at an orchard on the way home from a wedding last weekend.  Here’s how it went:

A 21 Quart water bath canner and my trusty Dutch oven were essential.

I can only imagine how tasty these will be at Thanksgiving.

My kitchen was surprisingly un- messy during the canning process.


I learned quite a few things. #1. If you’re going to can cherries, wear something red. My whole kitchen was covered in splattering cherry juice from the pitting process. #2. Triple the amount of fruit you think you’ll need for any given recipe. A whole bag of nectarines gave me only 2 pints of canned fruit. #3. Canning is not hard. Yes, it feels a little like playing roulette with bacteria but I did some research and there were only 145 cases of botulism poisoning reported last year so I think I’ll be ok. 🙂

And just because I could, I decided to also make oatmeal cookies, a lemon meringue pie, garlic/thyme chuck roast (sorry veggies), and dill/herby salad. I also cleaned my house, went swimming, and got quality time in with the cat.

The fruits (ha!) of my labor.


~ by fluvial on July 8, 2010.

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