IRAs are a girl’s best friend

I have a platonic girl crush on a personal finance blogger. I don’t know how she does it but she manages to save over $2000 a month and has already maxed out her IRA and 401(k) contributions. Insane. She HAS to be making more than me because I barely make $2000 a month so contributing that would mean not having ANYTHING left at the end of the month and I’d be homeless but still…the girl’s got financial balls.

She’s around my age, still manages to have fun, plans for the worst and hopes for the best. She’s also been in a relationship for five years so that shows me that she’s able to maintain the balance of hope and realism when it comes to money and romance.  Check her out at Well Heeled with A Mission

She’s also been to Argentina! Major props for that.

Whenever I feel like going out and buying clothes (NYC included….ahhh!), I read her blog and the urge is tempered. I WILL OWN A HOME SOMEDAY! Must keep saving. Diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend but financial stability sure is!

My financial plan has been kicked in to high gear and I’ve been saying ‘no’ a lot more when it comes to going out with friends or doing things that I know will cost money.  I’ve also accepted and sometimes asked for help paying for gas and the like.  Little things add up. 


~ by fluvial on June 11, 2008.

One Response to “IRAs are a girl’s best friend”

  1. Hi Fluvial! Thank you for your very lovely words about me. Actually, I’m afraid I’m not quite the saver you thought I am – I haven’t maxed out my Roth IRA for 2008 yet ($500 more to go!) and I can’t access a 401K until next year, so for now I’m saving in a money market account instead. I WISH I can save $2,000 a month, but realistically it’s probably just a little bit more than $1,500. Don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful that I have a job that enables me to save that much, parents who gave me an old car so I didn’t have to buy one, and the luck to find a cheap-ish apartment in a very expensive city. I just don’t want it to seem that what I’m doing is out of reach for others, or that I’m so great and self-disciplined that I never splurge. (My vice is weekly trips to Ross, where I pick up shoes for $15 each). Still, that adds up.

    As for the love thing, guilty as charged. 😉 Even though I try to act all realistic and maybe even cynical – deep down, I’m still a romantic at heart.

    Anyhow, this has turned into an essay! Sorry about that. Please continue to read and let me know what you think. The readers are the best part of my blog. 🙂

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