The Big (sweaty) Apple

My lovely man is officiating his best friend’s wedding in New Haven, CT in two weeks which means….a side trip to NYC! I’ve been bouncing off the walls about this trip since we bought our tickets back in late winter but now that the trip is fast approaching…something has come up.


I don’t know how New Yorkers do it but they always manage to look polished and together even though there’s 80% humidity in the air and temperatures exceeding 95 degrees. Men even wear suits! As a life-long Seattle girl, my genetic make up causes me to wilt if it’s above 80. Adding more to the story is the fact that Seattle is experiencing a cold front with lots of rain, wind, and SNOW. Yes, the snow level is around 2000 feet now which is insane. I can’t remember a year where we were still getting snow in June. So, let’s compare 5-day forecasts, shall we?

  • Seattle, WA

    Cloudy, 51°

    • Monday

      Sprinkles57° / 47°

    • Tuesday

      Sprinkles57° / 48°

    • Wednesday

      AM Rain63° / 50°

    • Thursday

      Clear66° / 51°


  • New York, NY

    Clear 94°

  • Monday

    PM Thunderstorms100° / 78°

  • Tuesday

    PM Thunderstorms96° / 73°

  • Wednesday

    Clear85° / 66°

  • Thursday

    Mostly Cloudy81° / 64°

Holy crap lions!!!  I’m at a loss.  Seattle dress code permits fashion atrocities like Chaco’s with sundresses but I want to look good in NYC.  Any tips?  I’m meeting the man’s family this weekend too so that’s another incentive to not look schlubby.

The main thing I’m concerned about is shoes.  We’re going to be doing a ton of walking but I don’t want to look touristy and wear ‘sensible looking’ shoes.  I’m going to try these on today:

They aren’t the cutest shoes in the world but they are Danskos and will (hopefully) keep my tootsies from hurting too much.  The heel scares me though.   But flats make me look even shorter!  Oh the insanity of it all.

So, in one week, I’ll jet off to the airport with humidity serum for my hair, lots of linen clothing, a smokin’ hot dress for the wedding, blotting tissues, and hopefully a cute pair of walking shoes.

PS:  DnD 4 came out on Saturday and I made my first real charactor last night.  I’m a Halfling Wizard named Maleyna.  🙂

PPS: Reading Tina’s blog REALLY makes me want to do something crazy and go back to BsAs.  I miss tango and dulce de leche and old men reciting poetry to me in confeterias.  Mmmm…  And if I go back, I’ll go in a different head space than I did last time.  No drama!


~ by fluvial on June 9, 2008.

4 Responses to “The Big (sweaty) Apple”

  1. Hey Fluvial, are you looking for cute sandals to walk the city in? Or is this for the wedding itself?

    If you’re just looking for shoes to cruise the city in take a look at these:

    Børn is a great brand for comfort

    And here’s a link to Nordstrom’s “Comfort” section.

  2. Thanks! I’m looking for cute ‘walk around the city’ sandals. I’m going to suffer through stilehttos (sp?) for the actual wedding.

  3. I’m worried about that strap on the dansko sandal going across your foot like that…especially if they are new, that could be problematic.

    I think the comfort shop at nordstrom is a good idea.

  4. Totally, Erin. I tried them on yesterday and they were too wide so they’re out anyway. I found some shoes by j-41 that would work but they are not cute at all. 😦 How do New Yorkers do it?!

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