I’m going to make it after all

I’m going through a mild quarter-life crisis at the moment and just trying to figure out what to do with my life. Although, I have to say, I’ve got it easy because nearly everything is going along just swimmingly. I’ve got great friends, a great relationship, a great living situation…no complaints. Except for my job. The job thing is really throwing me through a loop here and some recent shake ups have really made me scared about what the future holds.

Naturally, I’ve been nattering on incessently to everyone who’ll listen and getting advice from people who matter…my friends and family. I spent part of the weekend with my mom and she’s been my #1 cheerleader through this whole thing. I mean, she’s my mom, so she’s genetically forced to love me no matter what but still..it’s nice to get a vote of confidence from someone who’s known you your whole life. Blind optimism does wonders for a girl’s self esteem.

And then there’s Eric who’s support can be summed up with this quote:

“But I have total confidence in you. I am happy to be the cheerleader of Team Katie, but I’m not wearing that outfit.”

Aww…. So I think I’m going to cue up some Mary Tyler Moore Show episodes, read my career book, make lists, and take breaks to throw my hat into the air.

*Editted to add: Eric made the astute observation that “It seems that whenver I say something ridiculous I end up on your blog.” Which is entirely true and awesome but I feel like I need to link him to something else. He’s an author! He just got his third (?) book published and here it is: http://csharpindepth.com/Default.aspx For all you C# nerds out there, Eric is your guy. He can also be found over at his blog: Fabulous Adventures in Coding

Be sure to check out What I did on my summer vacation where he dispenses advice on what to do when you have a mad crush on a boy, clarifies who counts as a ‘responsible adult’, and forever traumatizes a little girl with stories about The Great Canadian Beaver Shark who’s diet consists of driftwood, canoe paddles, wooden sailboats and little girls.

~ by fluvial on May 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “I’m going to make it after all”

  1. Just to clarify — I was the editor of that book, not the author. (Though I did write the foreword.) I’ve been editor of a dozen or more books, and have authored or co-authored four books.

  2. Yeah yeah yeah. Author, introduction writer, who’s keeping track?

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