Powerpuff Girl sugar rush

It’s not really a secret that I’m a huge fan of Buttercup Punch. Well, one of the authors left a comment on my ‘Single Girl To-do’ list post which reminded me…I made the most bad-ass Powerpuff Girl cake for a friend’s birthday last year.

I think it’s time to post a picture of it. Granted, I’ll never do it again because it took me four hours to ice the darn thing (I had to mix each color individually and then pipe it on using a variety of tips) but still, it was worth it and is so far the jewel in my Cupcake Feminist crown.

For you Buttercup Punch gals!:

~ by fluvial on April 15, 2008.

6 Responses to “Powerpuff Girl sugar rush”

  1. 4 hours?!?!? woman, that is some dedication to a project and it looks YUM! i’m not sure i’d be able to eat it it’s so adorable! what am i saying, of course i would eat it – i’m fantasizing about that flesh toned icing right now.

  2. OMG! I feel so honored! Thanks for this, Fluvial. That cake is talent, fo sho! I kind of want to do a face-plant into that cake and nom-nomm out the middle. Mmmmmm. Caaaake.

  3. Mmm…flesh colored cream cheese icing. It was so dericious! But yeah, I don’t think I like anyone enough to go through a 4 hour icing process again.

  4. Arg! Why won’t my image tag work??? I’ve got a silly picture of a cat eating cake!


    But Kadinsky’s right — I would have trouble eating it because it’s so pretty!

  6. Those sorts of cakes certainly are a labor of love. I have made my share too when I went through a cake decorating phase a few years back. I had to stop. I gained about 25 lbs eating all that cake and icing. 😀

    Fantastic job!

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