New Dashboard

Wow…the new Dashboard on WordPress is TERRIBLE.  First of all, I didn’t see any warning about the changes on either the WordPress homepage or in any emails.  It would have been nice to know ahead of time.  Secondly, there’s all the unnecessary junk at the top of the Dashboard that’s large and cluttered and useless.  Anyone know how to customize your Dashboard?

Also, anyone know how to edit posts once they’ve been published?  And anyone know why they went and messed up a perfectly good interface??

Fluvial is not happy about this at all.


~ by fluvial on April 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “New Dashboard”

  1. Hi…Yeah, I know what you mean…no warning whatsoever! I had trouble finding your blog again via the comment links.

    And you’re right…the extra clutter-blather is bothersome. Since I didn’t discover the new Dashboard till just the other day, I’ve not had time to think about how it might be customized. If someone else responds to this first with a few tips before I get round to doing anything, more power to ’em. 😀

    Maybe we can petition for them to change it back? Write a whole bunch of “I hate this thing” letters…

    Just a thought…

    Kat (aka Treetalker7)

  2. Yeah, what I’d like is the ability to drag the boxes around like you do with widgets. For example: I don’t need to see what style I’m using for blog at the top. I never change that and it’s there of little importance to me. Blog stats, however, change every day and should be up front.


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