I magic missle your judgement!

Here’s a little secret:  I’ve always wanted to try Dungeons and Dragons.  Ever since middle school when my girlfriends and I would try to crash our older brother’s ‘Death Fest’ (an all night gaming extravoganza), I’ve had this secret fascination with it.  But I managed to get through high school and college as a sorority girl/park ranger/earth muffin and never quite ‘got there’.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, I’m dating a gamer.  Now, I’ve dated gamers before and one of the reasons I’m not dating them anymore is the fact that they were ‘too’ into it.  As in, it took over their lives and they’d spend beautiful summer days in front of a computer playing WoW in 10 hour stretches.  I couldn’t work with that.  My current Partner in Crime kept his gaming past pretty well hidden for a while but when Gary Gygax died (aka St. Gygax and creator of D&D), he started slipping away for late night sessions.  There was an enforced ‘No Girlfriends’ policy in the group though so eventhough I was curious and wanted to try, the door was shut.

Yeah, as if that would stop me.  I organized my OWN game and it happened to fall at the end of Norwescon weekend.  Perfect timing.

Norwescon is a conference for sci fi and fantasy junkies and there are workshops, dances, lazer tag, room parties, costumes, all that.  Basically, imagine every single genre typically associated with geekdom and I can say to you with reasonable certainty that it was represented there.  His gaming friends were going and once I got a look at the schedule, we cancelled our weekend plans and headed down to Sea-Tac.  Here are some photos:

Norwescon dance

Here’s what I noticed:

Going to Norwescon for the first time was almost like experiencing Burning Man (on a smaller scale). There were people there who clearly had an insane passion for sci fi/fantasy and this was a chance for like minded folks to converge and go nuts. Sound familiar? At one of the room parties, I even heard a girl mention her ‘Con Boyfriend’.

I also think the whole community has a bad and slightly undeserved reputation. This stuff is actually really really fun and I’d totally prefer my kids playing D&D until late hours instead of drinking and doing all the other stupid things kids do at school dances, ya know? Not saying that it’s one or the other but I think that stuff is pretty harmless and actually provides a good catalyst for community building.

And when I was telling people that I was about to have a mega nerd adventure weekend, people came out of the woodwork and admitted to having played the game back in the day. People I NEVER would have expected. Which just goes to show that it’s got broad appeal.

And lastly, Eric brought up a good point last night: why is dressing up, role playing, and learning stats socially awkward and for losers in the context of gaming but not in the context of sports? You have office sanctioned March Madness brackets and all that and you’re seen as ‘more manly’ if you participate.


Anyway, I had a great weekend. Much bonding was done and I had my perspective changed ever so slightly.


~ by fluvial on March 25, 2008.

16 Responses to “I magic missle your judgement!”

  1. Very cool.

    As a financial advisor, people see me in a certain professional light. No one would guess that I played magic the gathering through out highschool and read fantasy books. But you are right! They are a lot of fun. Unforutnately, they are too much fun and take too much time out. =( Someday soon, I hope to walk into a card shop to play a tournament in my suit LOL


  2. Agreed. I can see how it’d be so very easy to get sucked in and not have a life. Fortunatly, I’m way too frenetic to stay in one place for too long so I’m safe (says the newbie…oi).

    Also, I took a look at your blog and you’ve touched on a very popular cultural genere! Dating advice is a multi billion dollar industry in this country and I’m looking forward to hearing your contributions. You should check out Eban Pagan’s stuff. He created a $20 million dating advice empire under a pseudonym of David DeAngelo and it’s pretty impressive.


  3. Interesting! I checked out this guy, pretty cool. I agree with some of what he says. However, you can’t box up a person and try to become it. It doesn’t make sense. Everyone is different and fit for different people. My blog is more to give perspective by adding view point. Ultimately, you are who are (although you grow and develop). Thank you for the info!

  4. Sorry to multi comment, but you should add your URL to your profile so that people can click on your name to visit your blog.

    Perhaps, you already knew that?

  5. Add my URL to my profile? You’ve hit on something I don’t know how to do. Instructions please?

    And yes, I totally agree with you on the ‘you can’t box up a person’ front. I was mainly pointing him out as a strictly academic exercise. You’re a financial analyst so I thought you’d be interested in the marketing aspect of dating advice. 🙂

    I’m not condoning what he says at all, in fact, before I took a step back and saw it as an interesting case study in anthropology, I got really pissed off and thought my then-crush and now boyfriend was a Level 9 jerk for admiring him (my bf is in marketing and copywriting).

  6. Nerd Alert!! ha-ha I’m just teasing. 😀 I married a nerd. I wanted to buy a shirt that says I heart nerds.

    My husband is a big Sci-Fi fan. He’s angling to write a guest post for my blog on the return of Battlestar Gallactica’s 4th season.

    I’m glad you had so much fun, I say good for you!

    Going back to my fashion lair… lol

  7. Haha, Fashion Sensei you’re going to laugh at this: my friend created a charactor specifically for me and it was a Level 5 Elf with a fabulous wardrobe. Worlds collide!

  8. That’s the way Fluvial, you have to always keep the fashion in mind. 😀

    I told my husband he should start his own blog “Sci-Fi Sensei”. lol

  9. Responding to earlier.

    To add your URL to your profile. When you are in WordPress DashBoard, at the top right corner you will see (logout, my profile) Click on my profile and input the URL to your blog “https://fluvial.wordpress.com/” Save and from now on, when people click your name, it will direct them to your blog. Like it does for mine and Fashion Sensei.

    Happy blogging!

  10. Fabulous! Done and done. Doesn’t look like it’s working quite yet but I’ll check back in the morning.

    I’m excited to read your blog!

  11. Glad you had a good time at Norwescon. We do our best to be as inclusive as possible, while maintaining some form of literary focus. And why yes, I have been a gamer and hope to be again. 🙂

    Don Glover
    Norwescon 31 Publications Director

  12. Yes, we had a great time! Out of curiosity, how’d you find my blog?

  13. You totally need to play D&D! It’s so much fun!

  14. I already have. I think I mentioned that in my entry. If not, I’ll go change it. 🙂

  15. *sighs* I’ve been aching to play D&D with actual six-sided dice and whatnot since trying out the PC game “NeverWinterNights,” but as I am not a college geek anymore, and neither is my bf, we feel we’d be out of place for trying to crash the university scene just to get into longterm gaming…we feel too much like outsiders…though we’ve done Magic: the Gathering…it *is* an expensive hobby, however, so we’ve put it aside for now…though I do miss playing it…I’d hate to go over to the next town and play without my honey…it just wouldn’t feel right…

    We’re in Iowa, so you can certainly understand our dilemma…:-(

  16. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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