Something to chew on…

First, I have to get this out of the way…Matt is in the lead for the most LOL-inducing caption.  Behold his greatness:



And now that that’s taken care of, here’s a great review of the new John Adams mini-series.  Whoever wrote this is my new personal hero if only for the fact that he uses brilliant imagery and throws in an American Girl reference.  If you were an elementary aged female book nerd from the years 1990-1994, you understand this reference.  I always wanted the Samantha doll but it was not to be. 

Anyway, the review is awesome and includes brilliant nuggets like:

Hollywood’s systematic denial of dental reality is an example of its elevation of glamour over truth, thrill over drab.


Maybe the faux dental presentation is a deliberate extension of the patriotism implicit in the miniseries. In the 21st century, even as the United States’ status as a world power is wobbling and our cultural and moral authority erodes, we can still be proud of our dental heritage. Our teeth stand tall compared with those of our friends in the European Union (and Asia and South America and everywhere that is heartlessly crushing our dollar). Our molars are better than their molars.

~ by fluvial on March 17, 2008.

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