The Dress take 3

I started cutting out the vintage dress I posted about earlier and it’s just not going to work.  After cutting it out and pinning it to myself, there’s too much fabric on my chest and I think it’d make me look stout and bulky. 

I went to the pattern store last night and found a pattern that is as close of a match to Scarlett’s dress as I think I’ll find:


My only concern are the sleeves.  I’ve had horror experience with sleeves most notabley my sophomore year of high school when I made my dress for the senior prom.  My mom and I made my dress and it was a beautiful a-line skirt with a fitted bodice and delicate sheer cap sleeves.  Purple satin.  Very pretty.  Well….we didn’t construct the sleeves right and I couldn’t move my arms more than half way out.  Mid-way through the night as I was dancing, the sleeves ripped off the bodice and I ended up with a strapless dress.  Not a huge deal because the bodice was boned and have the structural fortitude of an iron breastplate BUT it was prom at a Christian school with a strict ‘NO BARE SHOULDERS!’ rule.  Oops.

Granted, range of motion concerns me more than eternal damnation at this point in my life but still..I’m leary of sleeves.  SO, here’s what I settled on:


I’m going to do the short version with the lace midsection.  Fabric selection is proving to be a challenge though.  I want it to be swishy so cotton won’t work.  But if you’ve been to a generic fabric store, you’ve probably noticed that most of the fabrics are for cool colored folks…not too many warm tones for brunette gals like me.  This frustrates me.  Bri and I are going on an epic fabric quest on Friday and hopefully we’ll find something that won’t make me look like the queen of the junior prom.

 (sidenote:  while I was looking for fabric yesterday, I went to the prom section and this season, they’re showcasing a line of fabrics called ‘Fruit Smoothie’.  It’s a series of bright pinks, pale greens, and baby blues.  Call me crazy, but who’d want to go to Prom looking like a protein shake?)


~ by fluvial on March 12, 2008.

One Response to “The Dress take 3”

  1. Good luck with the dress. I’m really looking forward to the final product. 😀

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