Oi vey…Diablo Cody…why?!

I watched the Oscars and while I was totally thrilled that Juno’s writer won for Best Screenplay, I remember participating in an awkward squirmy dance on the couch while I watched her walk up and off the stage.  Poor girl had to hold her dress around her lady bits so she wouldn’t pull a Britney.

I’m so glad the Fug Girls have commented on this because they say what I want to say so much more eloquently than I ever could. 


Quote:  AWKWARD. How do you NOT do a quick crotch-check before you leave the house?   And when she hugged Harrison Ford, she probably said, “Oh my GOD, Han, I think the front row just saw that my bikini line is waxed in the shape of Jason Bateman’s face.” So WALK the dress.  Take it for a test drive.  Practice your acceptance speech in the mirror, and make sure that your birth canal isn’t inviting Jack Nicholson for a pleasure cruise while you’re dedicating your award to the producers and The Children and what-have-you.



~ by fluvial on February 26, 2008.

One Response to “Oi vey…Diablo Cody…why?!”

  1. I didn’t see that part. I went to bed early and I just deleted that off my DVR. It was that bad eh? Too bad.

    But I was glad that she won. I really liked the movie.

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