Desert calling

As if I didn’t have enough fabulousness in my life, I just got an email from one of my Canyon friends who’s organizing another reunion trip to Havasupai Falls in May.  I think I’ve mentioned this before but I lived in and around the Grand Canyon for 14 months and learned to love that place so deeply, it scares me.  I haven’t been back for two years and I’m getting the shakes!  I immediatly sent an RSVP for an ethusiastic YES but I’ll admit, it’s stressing me out a bit.  We’ve got our big Europe trip coming up in June and while the Canyon trip is three weeks before Europe, that’s still a lot of travelling.  But when you look at these pictures, you know it’s worth it:



I’m throwing responsibility (and my paycheck) to the wind and doing both.  Why?  Because you only live once so you might as well live like you mean it. 



~ by fluvial on February 12, 2008.

3 Responses to “Desert calling”

  1. Beautiful pictures! Travel as much as you can. Someday you might get married and have a couple of kids and it won’t be so easy to pick up and go.

    The Grand Canyon is beautiful. I also visited Sedona and have never been somewhere where I have had such a connection as I did there. It was the most beautiful place I had ever been.

  2. I’M A HIKER TOO…nice shot of the waterfall…
    Hope you have a great time. If you have any other
    suggestions for hiking. Let me know.

  3. Thanks for the compliments! It’s really hard to get a bad picture down there because it’s just so amazingly beautiful.

    Fashion Sensei: I totally agree with you on the connection thing. I’d go camping out there all the time and even had secrets springs where I could fill my water bottles up with water straight out of the earth. 🙂

    Tonya: Where are you geographically? I’m familiar with hiking in the West but not so much on the East. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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