Second tango in Paris

It’s official!  The MH Collaborative will be heading overseas for our first big trip since the merger.  We’ll be flying into London, spending a few days there visiting his old haunts, minding that darn gap, and hopefully mooching off the kindness of friends with crash-friendly couches, then we’ll hop on a train to Paris and leisurely make our way down to the Riviera.  Then we’ll fly home by way of New Haven, CT so he can officiate his best mate’s wedding.  Clearly, this trip calls for a killer pair of black sunglasses.

Now, I know that I wrote an entry not too long ago talking about how I wanted to be culture shocked on my next adventure so why am I going to France?  Well, the reasoning was twofold – 1: We absolutely can not get sick on this trip because our presence is required REQUIRED at the wedding, and 2: this is our first trip and I’m not sure I want to have the stress of navigating my way through a country that is totally foreign to me on a trip that’s supposed to be romantical.  So there ya go.

I went to Paris the summer before I started college and while I was there, I had a perfectly safe ‘fling’ with a lovely Parisian gentleman.  Nothing actually happened…we were just friends.  We met right after I got off the plane while it was raining and I was totally confused and had a Spanish sun burn but we became buddies and ran around Paris drinking wine, talking, etc. and on my last night in Paris, we sipped champagne at an outdoor cafe with large rugs on the terrace.  We took a long walk and ended up walking along the banks of the Seine and that’s when I first saw tango.  There were people dancing on the concrete banks and it was so gorgeous that we felt compelled to join in.  Okay, so what if we had no idea what we were doing and our dancing was more fuled by the champagne than any blind passion…we still had a great time.  So, this time around…now that I can dance tango…I want to go back to the Seine, hopefully find people dancing tango and fall into the embrace of a stranger and feel the connection that only tango can bring.  And then snap out of it and come back to my lovely H.  🙂

So now the planning commences!  Gotta find cheap airfare, pull out the contacts from old email accounts, and try not to make myself sick with excitement!

If any of you have recommendations on places to go and things to see (or people to meet) please please please comment! 


~ by fluvial on February 7, 2008.

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