And….I’m back!

This blog has been serevely neglected but I have a good excuse.  I’ve been hermitizing at home with a kidney infection which produces (among other things) the following symptoms:

  • Emesis: Vomiting is common.
  • Back, side (flank) or groin pain.
  • Abdominal pain or pressure.
  • Shaking chills and high spiking fever.
  • Night Sweats.
  • Extreme Fatigue.
  • Oh, the extreme fatigue.  I went into the ER early Wednesday morning with extreme back pain but with some antibiotics, Oxycotin, and two litres of saline later, I was discharged to go sleep it off. And I slept and I slept and I slept.  I slept so much that my cat got irritated with me. 

    On my first night out of the house past 11 (Saturday), I went to see ‘Hey Girl!’ with some friends which was a show that can only be described as ‘experimental feminist theater’.  Now, if I’m going to haul myself out of the house after I’ve just had a kidney infection, it’d better be for something worthwile and while this was visually interesting, the message was irritating.  I think I lost all hopes of respect for the show when 30 guys came out and hit the girl with black pillows.  I whispered to my companion “Being a girl isn’t that hard”.  (at least not usually).  But my thoughts on feminism warrent a totally seperate entry so….

    ….now that I’m well, I have a mind full of projects to get started on.

    1.  Sew pretty dress for two weddings I will be attending this spring/summer.

    2. Become a marketing/copywriting titan

    3. Focus more on music.

    4. Plan trip to NYC/Europe

    5. Not get another kidney infection.


    ~ by fluvial on February 4, 2008.

    4 Responses to “And….I’m back!”

    1. Good Lord! I’m glad you are feeling better!! I’ll send you those pictures. 🙂

    2. Gracias! I got them but will look when I’m not at work. PS…I love your blog! I added you to my blogroll so hopefully you’ll get some traffic from this site.

    3. yo…i had one of those, it was awful. the terrible bladder to kidney infection inducing triptych…alcohol, carbonated sugar carrier, caffeine

    4. Yuck! See, the magic is…I didn’t have a UTI before. I just got the kidney infection. Weird, no?

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