Every girl deserves glamour

According to Trendhunter.com, Dita Von Teese has signed on as Wonderbra’s new spokeslady and is even designing a collection for the brand!  Alas, the line won’t be available anywhere but France for at least a year but there’s always the magic of online ordering.

Ms. Teese is one of my fashion icons.  Her comittment to glamour, the tease, the mystery, and the Old Style can only be described as iconic and we are all forced to drool at her feet (clad is peep-toe stilehttos, natch).  I read an article once that described what she takes travelling and it blew my mind.  Couture lingere made from vintage silk and lace, she uses trunks instead of suitcases, gloves, and of course…a fabulous red lipstick.  She’s a trained ballet dancer and studied historic costuming in college.  Clearly this gal knows what’s up.

So yes, I’m completely stoked for this collection to hit Yankee soil.  It’s enough to make me want to bust out my back-seamed nylons, pencil skirt, and a red lipstick of my very own and prance about town searching for the pefect pair of gloves. 


~ by fluvial on January 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “Every girl deserves glamour”

  1. Did you see Dita in the Christmas Fredricks of Hollywood catalogue? If not, I will send you the pics…

  2. I did not see those pics but will search for them when I get home (not so sure I want to look for them at work!) 🙂


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