Vintage propoganda

Originally, I was going to post information about the upcoming Democratic caucus for my precinct, voter registration, details details.  I thought it’d be fun to include a picture of a vintage voting poster so I went over to Google to find something.  I didn’t find any vintage voting posters but I found some awesome propoganda.  Here are some choice examples:


Prevent forest fires?!  Were the commies ever out to destroy our timber?  Is our carelessness relating to improper forest management really the fault of our enemies?




No fancy graphic but here’s the voter registration information for your civic pleasure (this is only for Seattle folks):

Our presidential primary election will be held on Feb. 19th and the cut off for voter registration is January 19th…REGISTER TO VOTE!

Find out when/where you caucus is here (if you’re a democrat):


~ by fluvial on January 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “Vintage propoganda”

  1. Wow…was that last one to reduce gas consumption?? We should make a new one and say “when you ride alone you’re riding with a republican”. On a completely unrelated note I had the craziest dream last night and you were the star. I was staying in your house on a compound, like Fluvial land or something…it was a ranch of sorts with entertainers and unicorns. You had the coolest all tile bathroom with tiled lounge seats, all under shower sprayers. You were like the Pimp(ette) of Fancy Land.

  2. I think you can get that riding with Hitler poster at the poster shop inside Pike Place…

  3. Mahalie…awesome dream! An odd coincidence though…I was in a super fancy house on Saturday night that had a totally tiled bathroom (the bathroom was about 400 square feet…seriously. I’d totally be the queen of the Fancy Land!

    Matt…I think I’ll get that poster and put it in my office.

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