The morning after…

Well, weekend one of 14/48 has come and gone and I think there are a lot of tired writers, directors, actors, and minions sleeping soundly or just now stumbling out of bed.

Holy goodness, that was fun.

I volunteered yesterday and was assigned to props/design which gave me the opportunity to design an electrocuting lie detector with electrodes on the chest and ‘nether regions’. Theatre folks are great because they always have the most random stuff in their house so of course, I shouldn’t have been surprised when someone brought in a milk crate full of wires, nuts, knobs, panels, and other stuff for me to make my torture device with. The final product was a speech timer with a red light wired up to it and three long cables with clamps on the ends of them.  With a loud buzzer.  Mmm…  It was modified at the last minute but still….I’m quite proud.  Pic below:


More about the fest later but I’m tired and only functioning at 60% capacity.


~ by fluvial on January 6, 2008.

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