Cake or Death?

The following IM conversation has nothing to do with anything creative, nothing to do with tango, science, or things that will make me a better person.  It’s just silly.

 Conversation between Eric and myself:

 me: Hello Mr. Lippert…I have a question for you
 ericlippert: Good morning Ms. Fluvial.
What can I do for you?
 me: Why isn’t there any gambling in Africa?
 ericlippert: Um.
I deny the premise of the question.
 me: too many CHEETAHS!
ericlippert: AAAARGH!
 me: oh, I kill myself
-wipes tear-
 ericlippert: Not if I get there first.
 me: hey!
 ericlippert: Jokes like that deserve the ultimate sanction.
Cake, or death.
 me: HA


~ by fluvial on January 4, 2008.

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