14/48 this weekend!


It’s that time of year again!  14/48, the world’s quickest theatre festival, is coming to amaze and daze you at CHAC this weekend and the next. 

But Fluvial, how does it work?

Glad you asked!   According to the text I swiped from the website, it works like this:

7 playwrites, 7 directors, 80-ish actors, one band, and a myriad of gophers all descend upon CHAC at 8pm Thursday night where a theme is drawn out of a hat.  The writers go home and write a 10 minute play using the theme.  Playwrites turn their completed plays in at 8am Friday morning where the directors pull a play out of a hat and have an hour to discuss with the writer.  Then the directors pull their actors out of a hat.  “Barely reined artistic chaos” occurs between the hours of noon and 6pm where actors learn the lines, blocking, etc for their new piece.   The audience comes in at 8pm Friday night, writes down themes on pieces of paper which is put into another hat.  7 original plays debut.  Audience needs O2 because they are laughing so hard.  New theme is drawn at the end of the night.

Rinse and repeat for Saturday night.

It’s a hoot.  I’m volunteering this weekend, my roomate is writing in it and Chris Haddad will be writing it in next weekend (www.haddadink.com). 

 Come join the frivolity!


~ by fluvial on January 2, 2008.

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