Some fruit flies for thought


Scientists proved drugs can trigger homosexuality in fruit flies. Authors’ report: 1) “We found that we could turn homosexual behavior on and off in a period of hours by genetic alteration … and/or by pharmaceutical manipulation.” 2) Altered male flies became “attracted to normally unappealing male species-specific chemosensory cues” and “attempted to copulate with other Drosophila males.” Theory: The altered males “were no longer recognizing male pheromones as a repulsive stimulus.” Hype: 1) Orientation isn’t “hard-wired” after all. 2) We’ll discover how to “quickly alter humans’ sexual orientation.” Fine print: 1) Humans aren’t flies. 2) Altered male flies “showed no alteration in heterosexual courtship or copulation,” i.e., they were actually bisexual. Speculations: 1) “Designer libido.” 2) Should parents be allowed to drug their gay kids? 3) Maybe straight losers will try becoming gay, or vice versa. 4) Maybe conservatives will embrace biotech as a cure for homosexuality. Human Nature’s view: Some already have. (Related: Gay sheep and anti-gay medicine.)

Why can’t we all just chill out?  I mean, really, college girls have been changing their sexual identity at frat parties for years!  (if the boys are looking, at least)

Quote from Eric: “We’re totally going to make out. In, like, five minutes.  When you’re all watching. Totally.”


~ by fluvial on December 18, 2007.

2 Responses to “Some fruit flies for thought”


  2. Thank you Eric. It’s sad because…it’s true.

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