Gettin’ the band back together

Last night, I went to ‘band practice’.  For those of you not in the know…Rock Band is basically the best game ever.  I never thought I’d say this…but this is a game that I’ve become totally addicted to.  I think it’s the social aspect of it.  Historically, I haven’t been a gamer and have frowned heavily on gamers because of their ability to sit there for hours devoid of any real human interaction and be totally okay with that (see: anyone who plays WoW).  But this…this brings people together. 

Rock Band is a game that combines Guitar Hero, Karaoke Revolution, drums and bass together with the end result being four people playing together as a band trying to gain fans, fame, and money all the while progressively playing larger and larger venues depending on the size of your fan base. 


That’s all well and good but how hilarious would it be to have a ‘One Man Rock Band’ game where you have to wear a washboard, harmonica, etc.?  Alright, Harmonix…we’re all waiting here.

Side note:  We were joking last week at ‘practice’ that if we’re ever going to make it to the big time, we’d need to stop farting around.  The idea of getting a rehearsal space came up so I made a faux Craigslist ad.  🙂  Here ya go:

Local emo/punk/metal band, The Toothsome Devils seeks Rock Band rehearsal space immediatly.After losing 100,000 fans last night, band leader Kurrgen, got all fascist on our asses and said that we’d never get to play Sydney if we kept farting around.  After some verbal escalations beginning with bassist, Jemmer, accusing us of forgetting that it’s about the music and ending with Sawdust walking out of rehearsal, fellow bandmates(semi) collectively agreed that we need to have practice somewhere other than Kurrgan’s living room if we’re ever going to have a shot at the big time.We need a loft (or your mom’s basement) about 20 hours per week.  We usually only make $15-$35 per gig so compensation could come in the form of playing your child’s birthday party or handwoven hemp friendship bracelets (of Folklife Festival Fame).

Bandmates are:

Kurrgen (Guitar): Large, broad shouldered Swede

Renee (lead vocals): Curvy punk princess with more cred than Avril Lavigne Jemmer (Bass/Guitar): Elfin-like guitar player with potential

Sachi (Drums): The Japanese Lisa Loeb (in hot pants)

Montabulous (vocals): Tall, lanky Ethiopian with a rocker’s edge

Sawdust (vocals): High fivein’ white guy with a tremendous falceto

If this is cool…have your people talk to our people.



~ by fluvial on December 13, 2007.

4 Responses to “Gettin’ the band back together”

  1. You ARE hilarious. This makes me wish I had time to cruise Craigslist all day…

  2. No one responded to my ad! I was actually pretty surprised but I flagged it for Best of Craigslist. I know I know, shameless self promotion. Whatever.

    Perhaps you can come to ‘practice’ and experience the musical might that is ‘The Toothsome Devils’.

    See you Saturday!

  3. Fluvial,

    Hey I was looking for Band Members for Rock Band and came across your page here… if you guys need a guitarist and or male vocal …shoot me an email would love to jam with some real people! I moved from LA about a year and a half ago live in Everett now but looking for band members or a band. Email me maybe we can jam sometime….



  4. Hey Bryan-

    Thanks for the comment and the offer of skills! I think we’re good though. It’s basically me and 5 guys so if anything, we need more estro. 🙂 Keep rockin’ though!

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