Life simplified…by the EPA?

After a weekend that I could only describe as a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ weekend, relief and simplification came in an odd form this morning: the federal government.  I know it’s nerdy but my life/job has become so much easier since the feds started putting their online forms up in Word format instead of forcing us to fill them out in PDF format.   So, thanks EPA!   My tax money is most certainly at work in your agency!

Here’s a quick recap of the weekend:

Friday:  I performed in Annex Theatre’s ‘Spin the Bottle: 60 Seconds Max!’ which isn’t nearly as dirty as it sounds.  Basically, 42 acts no longer than 60 seconds each.  We sang a very very fast bluegrass song about endives, hamsters, snowpeas, scampi, etc.  It was a hit!

Saturday:  I can only say that it involved Kell’s, Cosby sweaters, the W Hotel, limos, rug stores, and whiskey gingers.  A very good night (and I was in bed at a decent hour!)

I also saw The Golden Compass this weekend.  If you haven’t seen it yet…GO SEE IT!  It was simply stunning.  I promptly went out and bought the book.  The costumes are brilliant and you can’t help but stare whenever Nicole Kidman comes on the scene…her costumes are magnificint!



~ by fluvial on December 10, 2007.

One Response to “Life simplified…by the EPA?”

  1. Despite my disappointment with the plot shortcuts and lack of character development I must say the casting was spot-on. Sam Elliott, the main character and of course Nicole Kidman is perfect for Mrs. Coulter. The book is about 700% better, you should read all three, great bedtime stuff!

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