Festival de Tango Nuevo de Montreal

This weekend was interesting.  I went up to Vancouver to have some good times with a friend who was attending a seminar up there and while we were upstairs eating grapes and watching South Park on a lap top screen…my car was being broken into!  Yup, glass smashed, iPod stolen, car ransacked.  My companion remarked on my zen like attitude towards the whole thing and I was like ‘Eh, it’s just stuff.  No one died.’

We then proceded to get completely lost trying to look for the border (‘Excuse me, where is AMERICA?!’) and I had a massive headache bordering on a migraine. 

 However, through all of this…we realized that we were both cool as cucumbers.  It’s a somewhat rare instance where travel buddies (especially on a first trip together) find themselves in non-freak-out mode when bad things happen.  We decided we’re good road trip buddies.

So where to next? 

Well, it’s not really a road trip but I’ve always wanted to go to Montreal.  We decided to think about that option.  Well, imagine my delight when I did a Google search for ‘Tango Nuevo clothes’ (my wardrobe is in serious need of updating) and I find a site dedicated to the Montreal Nuevo Tango Festival!  It’s in late May, 2008 and now I have a reason to bust my rear. 

New goal:  go to Montreal and amaze the pants off Canada with my dancing prowess.

I think I’ve been lacking a dancing goal which has led to my recent bout of apathy within the tango community.  This gives me a reason to push myself!

PS…I have shoe envy.  See below:



~ by fluvial on November 19, 2007.

3 Responses to “Festival de Tango Nuevo de Montreal”

  1. A good friend of mine moved to Vancouver with his wonderful girlfriend. She got hooked on crack and hawked a bunch of their stuff before he caught her and sent her to her parents house. Not so wonderful anymore. Then he stayed there to pay off debts (rent she spent, etc) and got mugged while walking home from work by a crack fiend. Vancouver has a serious drug prob, I know other people whose windows were smashed too. I still love to visit Vancouver…I’m just more careful than if I were in Seattle.

  2. That’s quite a story. On our way out of the city (while looking for the border), we were nearly hit head on by a woman who according to my friend looked ’25 going on 80′ and totally strung out on meth. Nice.

    Vancouver is often touted as the holy grail and undisputed champ of ‘the new urbanism’ and while I agree that it’s a lovely place, I’m not sure there’s been enough talk of the problems that city faces.


  3. Oh and just to update..someone did die. My grandma.

    *sigh* It’s been quite a weekend.

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