Tango vs. Salsa…part deux

Friday night, I threw myself back into Tango’s arms by attending the monthly fancy milonga at Century Ballroom with Tina (sorry, I don’t know how to link you to her site).  I had a very magical time and ended up teaching a total beginner (a friend of mine) some basics.  He was leading me into ochos by the end of the night.  😉 

Tango is elegant.  There are rules.  It’s part of the charm.

 Contrast that with my salsa experience on Monday.  I went over to HaLo to try out my new shoes on the salsa floor and was totally blown away by the overly aggressive men there.  I walked in, was immediatly asked to dance, I did, and then went to talk to a friend.  THREE men came up to me and interupted my conversation to ask me if I’d like to dance with them.  That would never happen in tango and if it did, that lead would most likely be blacklisted for some probationary period.

I think I was bringing my tango mindset to a salsa dance which, clearly, isn’t something I should do unless I want to be shocked all night.

But boys, here’s a little tip:  girls will like you better if you wait just a little bit.  Don’t seem so aggressive.  Don’t interupt.  Wait for her to make it clear that she’s available to dance.  Everyone will be much happier.  🙂


~ by fluvial on November 15, 2007.

3 Responses to “Tango vs. Salsa…part deux”

  1. I hear that…I love salsa but you really have to be ready to get harassed. I’ve had that problem at Century Ballroom too, they’re like dance stalkers.

  2. The communities are so different! Oddly enough, I’ve found that if I actually dress up..I get harassed less. It’s when I got in yoga pants and tshirt that the boys come swarming towards me. Weird, eh?

    PS..we should go salsa sometime.

  3. […] In her post, “Tango vs. Salsa…part deux” », Fluvial, a tanguera and salsera in Seattle, offers her views on the art of asking for a […]

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