Time to ditch Kyoto

My university degree was heavily influenced by the study of climate change and while I was in school, the Kyoto Protocol was all the rage.  I saw it as something but was unwilling to jump on the bandwagon of unwavering adoration and evangelizing…it was a first draft in what was sure to be a long long multi-national discussion.

Here’s another article from Nature offering up an op-ed on Kyoto as it stands today:


Quote:  The Kyoto Protocol is a symbolically important expression of governments’ concern about climate change. But as an instrument for achieving emissions reductions, it has failed1. It has produced no demonstrable reductions in emissions or even in anticipated emissions growth. And it pays no more than token attention to the needs of societies to adapt to existing climate change. The impending United Nations Climate Change Conference being held in Bali in December — to decide international policy after 2012 — needs to radically rethink climate policy.



~ by fluvial on November 2, 2007.

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