My Top 10 Seattle list

Someone with the alias of PJC wrote a comment on ‘My campaign to squish Seattle Magazine’ stating that she just moved here and that Seattle Met is the same as Portland Monthly and that even the articles are ads.

 Here!  Here!

So, it was because of this, that I was inspired to write my Top 10 Favorite People, Places, or Things in Seattle for all the newcomers (or people who want to be tourists in their own city).

 In no particular order:

10. Cafe Campagne:  I know this is totally cliche but, this little french bistro is the closest you’ll get to Paris without a passport.  The trout is amazing with almonds, lemon, and butter, the wait staff is friendly and know exactly what they’re talking about, and the atmosphere is perfect for nearly every occasion whether it be a glass of bordeaux for one or a large celebratory dinner party.

9.  Doe Bay Resort, Orcas Island: This is a great weekend trip on Orcas Island.  It’s not too expensive, it’s totally relaxing, and they have hot tubs that over look Otter Cove!  Get your friends together and rent one of their cabins.  Bring board games and leave your cell phone at home.

8. First Thursday Artwalk – Pioneer Square: This is a completely free event that allows you to mingle with all sorts of interesting folks.  My favorite ‘gallery’ is at 619 Western Ave and it’s this great old building, totally not fire/earthquake safe so I always say a little prayer but it’s divided up into small and large rooms where ordinary folks can create their work and display it in house.  Free wine always makes the crowd more interesting.

-First Thursday of every month, Pioneer Square- (*note* Other neighborhoods host artwalks but this one is my favorite)

7. Pike Place Market: I don’t know who told you that Pike Place is lame because it’s always so full of tourists.  Plug in your iPod, put a $20 bill in your pocket and zone out in the endless aisles of awesomeness in Post Alley.  You can get a giant bunch of bright flowers for $5, the most glorious smoked salmon sandwich for another $5, shop for spices at Market Spice, and then grab some henna at Tenzing Momo.  All for $20.  I love it.

6. The Tractor Tavern: Okay, now this one is getting a little less favorite-y because it’s a lot more crowded than it used to be but that’s okay…it means that everyone’s picked up on a good thing.  The Tractor is great.  I rarely even look at the calendar because I know that whatever the act is for the night, it’ll be great.  It’s a good place to let your hair down and stop being such a hipster.

5. Seattle Aquarium: I’ve never grown tired of this place and while I used to love it for it’s total lack of modern design (a throw-back to 70’s design), they’ve recently remodled it and it’s amazing.  A floor to ceiling aquarium greets you as you pay for tickets (a bit pricey at $15 but it’s worth it) and then you get to enjoy lessons in native Puget Sound aquatic life including otters, octopi, a recreation of a tide flat, etc.  Bring the kids.

4. The Arboreetum: Another free amenity in Seattle is the Montlake Arboreetum.  This is a great place for picnics, laying in grass, studying native trees, getting eaten by mosquitos (hey, wait a minute…), all sorts of things.  It’s really easy to find your own secluded area so bring a date, bring the kids, or just go alone.  It’ll be great no matter what.

 3.  Frenchy’s Day Spa:  Okay, so this one is a no brainer.  What other nail salon lets you bring your own champagne to sip while getting a pedicure.  And I have it on good authority that if you’re getting a manicure, they’ll bring you a straw.  🙂  The most amazing massages, pedicures, manicures, I haven’t tried to facials but I’m sure those are great too.  Seriously.  Just go.

2.  Hot House Spa:  If we’re talking about Spas, I need to mention Hot House.  It’s an all women’s spa located on Capitol Hill and it’s divine especially on those dreary November nights when you haven’t been warm in a week and just need to relax.  It’s pretty cheap for a spa ($12 will get you use of everything) and has a great tub, wet and dry heat, yoga/nap room, and a really calm soothing environment.  Some people don’t like it because it’s dark and you’re discouraged from talking but that’s precisely why I like it.  Quiet peace.

1. Alki Beach: This place is great no matter what season.  If it’s warm, set up a volleyball net, pack a picnic, roller blade, etc.  If it’s cold, build a fire in the fire pit, huddle together with your favorite people, and enjoy the sunset.  It’s truely gorgeous.

And just one more because I can’t limit things to 10:  The Century Ballroom.  If you’re a dancing fool or just want to learn, the Century is probably your best starting point.  You get to dance in a GORGEOUS renovated ballroom and meet all sorts of new people.  I’m a dancing nut so I’m there fairly frequently but yes, if you’re curious about social dancing, check this place out!


~ by fluvial on October 23, 2007.

9 Responses to “My Top 10 Seattle list”

  1. Hey there, great list. If you want a good online alternative to Seattle Mag I suggest Seattlest. Also, I started a Seattle Blog but I don’t use it. Want to write for it? I’ll make you an editor.

  2. Oh nice! I’d love to be an editor. Gracias! Nice auction this weeked, by the way. You were the epitome of Vana glamour!

  3. How timely! I am going to Seattle for the first time in my life next week and was just trying to figure out what I was going to see there. By the way, where do I go for salsa? I’ll be there Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights.

  4. I hope you enjoy your visit!

    For salsa –

    Saturday: Century Ballroom. There’s a live salsa band that night and it gets HOT.

    Sunday: Nothing that I know of.

    Monday: Practica at HaLo (part of Century Ballroom). A little less formal. People usually just go to practice.

    Tuesday: Nothing that I know of.

  5. Have you been to Entre Nous yet? That’s on my “faves” list. I think I’ll make on too. Great idea!

  6. I haven’t been to Entre Nous yet but I’ll have to check it out! Thanks for the recommendation and yes, make your own list! It’s always nice to hear other people’s favorites.

    Someday, we will actually run into each other at tango. 🙂 I’m going to the monthly Friday milonga, hopefully.

  7. Thanks for the suggestions! For the Monday thing at Halo, by practice, do you mean that people come with their own partner, or is it just more of a casual atmosphere?

  8. No partner needed for Monday night (or any night, really) but it’s a little less formal and less ‘meat market-y’. I might see you there if you stay later! I hope you have a delightful time in Seattle!

  9. Thanks!! I will keep an eye out for you. You will know me by my shoes 😉

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