The girl makes the dress

Or is it ‘The dress makes the girl?  I can’t remember.

Remember when I wrote an entry about the fabulous photography in Interview magazine?  I scoured the internet for the picture on the back cover which was an image of a bright pink jeweled dress.  The dress itself wasn’t my favorite but the photo was simply stunning.  The lighting was perfect.  The girl had the perfect pout.  The angle was spot on.    I still have yet to find that picture online but I found a picture of someone else wearing the dress and umm…it looks funny.

The dress is by Dior and here’s Emmy Rossum showing it off:


 First, let’s ignore the fact that Meredith Viera and Emmy Rossum look like they’re attending two completely different events.  (this was already covered by the Fug Girls at  The dress just looks odd on her. 

Compare Emmy to the latest Dior covergirl located here:

She’s the girl in the ad and man, she really made that dress.

Or maybe the dress made her?


~ by fluvial on October 15, 2007.

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