I’ve recieved a number of comments about my entry regarding Seattle Magazine…some positive, some negative.  I saw no reason to allow comments of a hostile nature though so those were deleted nearly immediatly.  There’s been some feedback that I got the publication wrong.  People who loved Seattle magazine wrote in to say ‘No No!  Seattle METROPOLITAN magazine is the snobby one!’.  And yes, you are correct…I got the name wrong.  I originally meant to target Seattle Met but I gotta say, Seattle magazine is only slightly less snobby so I think the entry points to both magazines.

 Personally, I read The Stranger and the local neighborhood magazines like West Seattle Herald and Capitol Hill Times.  If you really want to know what’s up with Seattle, those are the periodicals to go with.  

 Again, just my opinion but please, have some respect and keep your hostile comments to yourself.  Or start your own blog where you can freely express your own opinions.  🙂

God bless the blogosphere!


~ by fluvial on October 14, 2007.

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