Spin the Bottle

It’s that time again…the first Friday of the month and that means that it’s time for Spin the Bottle!  If you’re local and have nothing to do on Friday, come join us at Annex Theatre for some seriously silly shinanigans.  My bellydancing teacher will be performing with her troupe Hands of Kali (www.handsofkali.com) and my roomie will be performing with the Elegant Catastrophe Singers.  And be sure to stop by the bar and say hi to the girl mixing it up…yours truely.

 From the website:

Annex Theatre’s monthly cabaret Spin The Bottle happens on the first Friday of every month, with brand new performances every time and never the same show twice!

This month’s edition of Spin the Bottle features:

  • A preview of Annex’s upcoming show, I FEEL FINE, a collaboration with HELSINKI SYNDROME!
  • The alluring hip-hop hip-twitchery of HANDS OF KALI!
  • The astounding a cappella of ELEGANT CATASTROPHE SINGERS!
  • Vampiric puppetry from MONKEY WRENCH PUPPET LABS!
  • The daffy duets of KEITH HITCHCOCK and MARY PURDY!
  • Pure, unadulterated whimsy from JENNA VEATCH!
  • Knockabout physicality from BIANCA CABRERRA and RHONDA SOIKOWSKI!
  • Fresh from New York goofiness from BECKY POOLE!
  • The lilting legs of LIZ ERBER!
  • Lord help us all, smut from GUDE/LAURANCE!
  • And more, more, more!

All held together by the last summery rays of our host, BRUCE HALL!


~ by fluvial on October 3, 2007.

2 Responses to “Spin the Bottle”

  1. Hello! David B. here, web manager for Annex Theatre.

    I have learned from your blog that you are an aficionado of photography. I feel it necessary, therefore, to apologize for the quality of the photograph of you that appears on the Annex site in the collection from Spin the Bottle of October 5.

    The light was inadequate and uneven, forcing me to use a “fast” setting on the camera, resulting in grainy images. Also, the slow shutter speed required by the conditions resulted in some cases in subtle blur (as in the photo of you).

    You looked so cute, however, that I could not in good conscience fail to use that photograph! Thanks for making StB something special that night.

  2. Haha…no worries! Yeah, the devil costume was completely unplanned and last minute…as was being the Raffle Queen. I think Jen has decided that I am forever the Raffle Queen. Thanks for snapping all those pics! See you around soon, I assume. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of opportunities to redeem yourself photographically speaking. 🙂 (I didn’t think they were terrible at all, btw)

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