Portland Tango-fest

I’m heading down to PDX for the annual Portland Tango Festival this year.  My how things change after a year!  Even though I’m not as hard core as I used to be, I’ve gotten to the point where I can be in advanced classes and be fine as well as dance with just about anyone and be okay.  I can’t wait for the alt-milonga this year.  🙂 

I’m trying to find people to go with so if you’re local and want to carpool, comment away!

Also, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’ll never have the ‘real’ body of a tanguera.  I’m not tall and lithe and bird-like.   I’m short and curvy.   The height factor has contributed to me finding a regular partner because it’s just really hard for me to dance with someone over 5’10” but maybe as I get better, I can dance with more people?  I’ve also found that leads are less inclined to dance with shorter girls.   Probably for the reasons I just described.

Tango is great but sometimes brings me back to high school PE class where you’re waiting and hoping you’re not the last to be chosen.


~ by fluvial on October 1, 2007.

4 Responses to “Portland Tango-fest”

  1. My, heheh, fiance, refuses to take any dance class other than Argentinian Tango. Any classes/instructors you suggest? Molto grazie amica!

  2. But of course dahling! If you want private lessons, I’d recommend Evan Wallace. Group classes, I’d recomment The 8th Style School of Tango http://www.the8thstyle.com

    Evan is nice because he’s a classy old school tanguero and you sip champagne during lessons and the whole thing is very dignified. And he lives near Pioneer Square so it’d be very conveniant for you!

  3. Just read this now (I’m avoiding work and reading blogs – yay!)

    Actually, in Buenos Aires the tangueras are pretty petite in height…They look tall & such on the videos but in person they are shorter and have some curve. (I wonder if Argentine cameras take away 10 pounds? I want one. Ha ha ha)
    … and if you want curvy (which I’m right there with ya) you’ve got the fabulous Geraldine Rojas.

  4. As a matter of fact, I do remember that now. Thanks for reminding me!

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