Celebrity as fashion designer

First of all, I have to start out this entry with an admission of the obvious…I am not a fashion designer.  I do not have the sewing chops nor the creativity to be a designer.  Ever.

And now that that’s over, here’s something to ponder:  celebrity as fashion designer.  Yes?  No?  Just because you’re famous and are handed couture gown after flowly couture gown, does that qualify you to design clothes for the masses?  Is the clothing good or is it merely appealing to our desire to emmulate our idols and get closer to god?  (I hope you see the social commentary there)

Over the past few years, celebrities have jumped into the realm of fashion with perfumes, ready-to-wear lines, shoes, and even hair extensions (*cough* Jessica Simpson *cough*)  Some of it is good and some of it is total trash but the classier the celeb, the higher my hopes are.

So, imagine my elation when I saw that Penelope Cruz and her sister were designing a line for my favorite store…Mango!   Here’s my question:

How can a woman who is so gorgeous and looks like this:


design something like this?:


Yes.  You are looking at a jersey jumpsuit.  I’m not even sure how that got from her head, to the drawing board, past the fashion editors, past the marketing folks, and past the store employees!! 

I mean, to be honest, there are occasions where a jumpsuit is appropriate.  Last March, I as invited to a party where everyone was required to wear a jumpsuit so I went into the costume room in the basement (I *heart* my house) and pulled out a hideous shoulder-padded jumble of 80’s grandeur and went on my merry way.   But in ordinary life?  I say this with sincere conviction: jumpsuits should not be allowed in polite company.

So yes, celebrity as designer:  good, bad, or ugly?


~ by fluvial on September 27, 2007.

2 Responses to “Celebrity as fashion designer”

  1. Ya know, only latin hottie’s can pull off a jumpsuit. Personally, I don’t have the curves. Penelope is designing for herself, not even 20% of her potential market. I haven’t seen them anywhere in real life but Sara Jessica Parker’s bitten line looks like a great batch of cheap, versatile classics and I think Top-Shop’s Kate Moss line has a couple of winners in it. I’m guessing the designers did most the work there.

  2. I have the curves….probably too much of them…for a jumpsuit especially if it’s made of jersey knit! I haven’t seen Top-Shop’s Kate Moss line but I’m a fan of the store so it’s probably pretty good.

    And while we’re at it, what’s with Seattle’s lack of huge stores like H&M, Top-Shop, etc.? Although I hear that H&M is coming to U-Village soon. Hurray!

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