Noir Girls and Interview Magazine

Lately, I’ve had the good fortune of getting magazines in the mail that I haven’t subscribed to.  Example:  Nature keeps sending me an issue weekly eventhough my subscription ended months ago.  I got Vanity Fair for a while.  And now I’m getting Interview.

 I’d never heard of Interview magazine and I can’t say that the articles are particularly captivating; mostly celebrities interviewing other celebrities which can, at times, be a bit like one giant inside joke that us normal folks just will never understand.

 However, the photos are fantastic.  Unfortunately, their site is all Flash based and I can’t copy any of the pictures but wow, they are stunning.  Really beautiful Haute Couture fashion spreads.  High art and delicious.  I’m thinking of subscribing just to look at all the pretty pictures!

Now, a girl could get fashion pictures in nearly any women’s magazine.  Vogue, Elle, Cosmo…all those are okay and get the job done.  But what sets Interview apart is their ability to take risks.  In the most recent issue, they have a great spread of noir girls with quotes from classic movies like ‘She was a cookie made of aresnic’, etc.  The spreads are almost like clearly defined vingets with little to no thematic overlap.  Like, the entire magazine is the product of a really good dinner party where all the guests were famous photographers who wanted to try something a bit less saccharine and commercially appealing.

If I can get my hands on some of the photos, I’ll post them but for now, here’s an example of a cover featuring Naomi Watts.  I love it!


Link to current fashion section here:


~ by fluvial on September 26, 2007.

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