Justice for Jeffs

Finally.  Warren Jeffs has been convicted of a crime and the max sentence is life in prison.  Add to that a string of counts in Arizona of being an accomplice to incest and sex with minors and hopefully he’ll be locked away for a good long while.


 As I’ve posted before, I lived within 100 miles of this community for over a year and their hold on local law enforcement and the grip they held on surrounding communities was astonishing.  It was as if they were exceptionally proud that they were getting away with all their atrocities.  Oh wait, they were.

I never understood why the Feds couldn’t just go in there and arrest all those involved.  They practiced bigomy, sanctioned child rape, and collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in welfare money…all in the name of religion.  Read ‘Under the Banner of Heaven’ and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Anyway, I’m glad that after years and years of wondering…the government finally nabbed and convicted this guy.  If the verdict is thrown out due a technicality, I will be aggrivated beyond belief.

 Hopefully the victims can sleep a little easier tonight.


~ by fluvial on September 25, 2007.

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