New York Fashion Week is upon us!

Some of you might be aware of the giant orgy of goodness that is NY Fashion Week is happening as we speak.  My kingdom for a press pass!  Since I have no credentials other than an intense love of fabric, I’m forced to keep up with the drama via my favorite website:  The Fug Girls are also covering the events for New York Magazine here:

I’m super excited about the trends this year.  Flirty light dresses accented by waist cinching belts (goodbye to the empire waist line!), fun draping with lux fabrics, mmmm. 

 Here’s a great comprehensive look at the season’s most yummy creations:


Look at the hair!  Long and healthy and pet-able! 

And if you must cry, here’s a list of the most hideous:

And on a more tragic note, I actually saw tapered leg acid wash skinny jeans in the window of Urban Outfitters.  I think the horror is self-explinatory.

Personal goals for Fall Fashion 2007: 

1. Sew a great winter coat.  Possibly in a tweed with black velvet accents.  Find antique buttons to use for said jacket.  Make a matching hat.

2. Embrace the color red.  (in a handbag, shoes, or scarf)

3. Find a pair of those super yummy tri-color roundtoed heels featured in the BCBG show.

4.  Clean out closet for real this time and get rid of anything too worn, cheesy, and/or doesn’t fit properly.

5. Scout out vintage boutiques for vintage slips and underthings. 

6. Actually learn how to do my eye makeup properly without looking like an 8th grade slumber party victim.

7.  Remember that fashion is just frosting and that in the end, it doesn’t really matter that much.  🙂


~ by fluvial on September 6, 2007.

4 Responses to “New York Fashion Week is upon us!”

  1. I would love to see your past sewing creations. I sew and am looking for new ideas, and styles.

  2. Yeah! I was camera-less for a while but I’m up and running again, so hopefully I’ll put some pics up soon. Thanks for visiting!

  3. What? You’re a sewer…dammit girl…maybe you give me lessons or just let me sew near you so you can help me when I try to do a french roll seam on fleece.

  4. Hmm…fleece, that’d be tough! I’m by no means a great seamstress but I’ve made a few things. I’m having a stich n’ bitch soon so I’ll keep you updated and hopefully you can make it!

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