Don’t panic…it’s really the perfect PhD thesis

Here’s a fabulous blog entry about the recent iPhone price drop.  Me, I’m thrilled because it means that the little beauty can almost be mine but I’ve got a few technofile friends who’re miffed at the fact that their impatience/disposable income cost them $200.


~ by fluvial on September 6, 2007.

3 Responses to “Don’t panic…it’s really the perfect PhD thesis”

  1. On behalf of my writing partner, Metroxing, we thank you for the link on your blog and leaving a comment on ours. You have him to thank for the insight (although he was an early adopter of the iphone…a point which now makes me grin a bit as I still don’t have one…and won’t until the platform migrates off of AT&T).

  2. Yeah, that’s what I’m wondering. Should we late adopters wait until we can choose our carrier?

  3. Tough call on the wait for some (not me). With that kid unlocking the iphone though maybe it won’t be such a long wait. 🙂

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