Ignite! (seattle)

I just have to say that I have the best roomates and friends. Tonight, my friend Brady put on the 4th Ignite! Seattle which, according to the website is “a geek event that combines on-site geekery, sharing, and innovation (and drinking).”

My housemate, Scotto, presented a talk discussing art on the interweb that had everyone in hysterics. He even included a reference to icanhascheezburger! Oh hai…I buffed yur floor.

A behind the scenes video about Ignite.


It got me thinking about talks that I might be able to give.  Maybe a talk on the physics of tango?  All those axis and planes and potential energy.   

Maybe someday.


~ by fluvial on August 8, 2007.

6 Responses to “Ignite! (seattle)”

  1. Hey lady! Bummed I didn’t see you, it was so crowded. I brought quite a crowd myself. I don’t think Rob made it. Anyway, LOVE Ignite!, es so fun. So glad to find a fellow blogger that I know IRL. You’re on my roll now ;o)

  2. Most excellent. Yeah, the first speaker in my housemate and he’s pretty much..the awesome. I’ve known Brady and other assorted geeks for years now but this was my first Ignite. It’s lame that Roberto didn’t make it…I think he was having dinner with his lady friend so maybe that’s part of it?

  3. […] Fluvial has a behind the scenes video […]

  4. […] moved so we missed the first speaker, Scotto, who happened to be Katherine’s housemate (see a behind-the-scenes video on her blog). I was supposed to meet her and Rob (didn’t see her due to the crowd and I […]

  5. physicss of tango talk would kick ass!

  6. Bonjour Brady…didn’t know you read the ole’ blog. Yeah, I’m crafting up something so stay tuned. 🙂

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