Signs of Life

I found a photo blog full of interesting/ironic/silly signs today.  Here’s a few that are particularly choice:


Nice to know the state of Arizona cares about pets!


The caption for this picture said something to the effect of ‘Yeah, as if we could keep our eyes peeled for 89 miles!’ but when I saw it, I thought ‘Purple sage!’ There’s this great line of semi-pulp fiction called ‘Riders of the Purple Sage’ and seeing the plant always makes me think of the folks I met and lived with on the North Rim. 

There was one person in particular, Will, who had a big impact on me.  He was a wildland fire fighter from Texas, spoke fluent French, drove a Subaru, and introduced me to Western novellas.  We took an epic trip up to Zion which included hiking The Narrows, Angel’s Landing, and trying really really hard to start a coffee fire (he’s a fire FIGHTER…not a fire starter).   We laughed well into the night and watched as Orion moved across the southwestern sky. 

 If I could do anything, it would be taking people on tours of ‘dead’ places.  Helping people find beauty and meaning in seamingly mundane, dead, or inhabitable landscapes.  There’s a certain freedom in being able to appreciate those types of things because it releases you from the clutches of popular culture.  You don’t really care if you have the right clothes, phone, etc. when you’re able to pick out which plants will soothe a sunburn or mask the scent of your own body odor.  🙂 

I miss the desert.

The link to the photoblog can be found here:


~ by fluvial on August 2, 2007.

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