Shock it to me

While responding to public comments about a proposed trail, I find myself day dreaming about my next trip.  I’m starting to run out of Spanish speaking countries which, in my mind, really narrows down my options for solo travel.  Plus, travelling alone is, well, lonely. 

 I’m thinking of going really big like Kenya or Jordan.  Granted, eastern Europe would be much more accessible but I’m ready for a little danger.  Plus, I’ve been to Morocco (knocked two teeth out there) and on the culture shock level, that country takes the cake.  I’m ready for more of that.

 Ever been anyplace ‘dangerous’?  Along those same lines, I was checking out the State Department travel advisory page and I’m shocked that our government will allow us to travel to IRAN but not Cuba.  Seriously.   It’s just political ideology.  Personally, I’d feel MUCH safer in Cuba than East Timor but you know, that’s just me.

~ by fluvial on August 1, 2007.

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